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In late 2009, I created a children's Federal charity program "singing star." Every time I see juvenile delinquency and violence, I feel a shock, and it gives me a clear understanding of what we need to do something ... I realize that this scourge of modernity comes from the lack of spirituality of the nation, and if it is not stopped, the degradation of society at one point will already be impossible to turn back. Every person who is aware of this catastrophe, can and must take responsibility, at least to begin to stop this downward spiral , well, then - make it upward. Only in this way can we create a healthy society, devoid of prejudice in which people live on false data, where it is fashionable to drink, smoke, take drugs, kill, rape, steal, betray, humiliate ... And the naked eye can see that our society is sick, and the longer it will hurt, the greater the likelihood that the disease becomes chronic. Our future - our children! I consider it my duty, namely to start work with them in terms of spirituality and high moral values, which include: honesty, courage, respect, dignity, love in its highest manifestation. After all, children are born pure and open to everything that surrounds them . And we adults often do not appreciate it, showing them unjustified cruelty, pouring out his anger on them, humiliating them, transferring addictions and an example of neglect towards other people. But parents, whatever they were, for their children - the most sacred! And with whom the children to take an example, if you are not with them? Visiting the orphanages, I saw how the children love and are waiting for their parents, forgiving them abuse and betrayal. I always awesome this children's forgiving love. Therefore, dear adults, let's be more gentle and respectful contact with our young friends, let's be for them a good example, we are honest with them, and then trust will allow us to discover true love for each other. I You too are invited to take part in the music program "singing star" - no age restrictions.

All the details on the website:  www.singing-star.ru
Author and host of artist BR1M 
Eugene Laguna


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